Drip Coffee maker or Coffee Brewer:

This is one of the most common types used for home purposes. This is the easiest to use and work with themachine too. All you need to do is, just fill the filter with the ground coffee of y our taste and fill up water and start the machine. For higher capacities, they use coffee brewers. For drip coffeemakers the process is even easier, and you can adjust the strength of the coffee at the same time. Drip coffee makers are found even in the offices, due to its easy to maintain nature.

The benefits of this machine are as follows:

Affordable and reliable for daily cup

Extremely easy to use and maintain

Prepares large quantities of coffee in a single shot

Gives you the freedom and flexibility of preparing your choice of coffee


Don’t expect too much from this, you get the regular basic cup of coffee, without any hassle. This is a disappointment for espresso lovers. Since it makes a lot of coffee at once, chances of coffee going waste are high.

Single Serve Maker:

They are the recent ones in the market and are sometimes referred to as Single serving pods. You can buy them in all flavours and can be customised too to meet your personal taste buds. In this too, just drop the ingredients into the machine, add water and brew.


On the overall range, they are the best. But when it comes to brewing for the longer run, the cost for pods will be high than a bag of coffee beans. Read the pros and cons and see if this machine suits you well.

Ease of usage and cleaning is great

Affordable range

You have flavoured coffee pods, that enhance the flavour and leave you craving for more, No waste of extra coffee when you intend to have only one

Good for office use too, as people can brew coffee according to personal tastes, You can brew tea too, with tea pods

In the long run, becomes expensive

Not an eco-friendly product.

French Press:

It is one of the oldest methods to use and is low tech, based on simple methods. this is one of the cheapest too. it uses no electricity and no hassle work of cleaning up the mess. Just a sponge wash with hot water cleanses it. If you use it right it can be the best companion, and if use it improperly, then the worst coffee experience.

Benefits of this:

Extremely simple and affordable No maintenance required, No electricity or filter change required



Allow the coffee to seep in for the exact amount of time

More coffee grounds would be seen floating atop

Espresso makers and cappuccino makers:

They are like the sports car version in coffee. Many people believe that these machines provide the best coffee. They produce lesser quantity, yet flavourful.
Read the upside and down to conclude on what to buy.


Highest quality of coffee

Many varietiesavailable like lattes, cappuccinos

Attractive appliance

Easy to use

Expensive one in the market

Makes only small amounts at a time

We hope this would help you.