Our Products

Being the biggest coffee company, we at the coffee house work with aselected coffee partner to create acoffee to our taste and specification that calls for our secret recipe. We are not over pride about our success but are striving to improve our quality every day and to offer new products to you. Along with coffee, we have introduced cocoa, tea, chocolate drinks, iced drinks, Crockeries etc.

Below are the lists of products that can be seen with us:

Italian Roast: a perfect blend of roasted flavour and strength in its taste, it feels distinctive with a soft body.
Diavolo: a combination of chocolate and coffee

Tea: apart from coffee, we also have the best tea makers and tea leaves, which are processed specially, give the natural flavour.
Iced drinks: we also offer iced drinks on our menu, like the coolers, smoothies or mock tails for those caffeine haters.

Crockeries: we believe that the right equipment can bring best results, and hence have added great crockeries to the menu. Our special coffee equipment’s, coffee makers, and others are an added advantage.

Variety of Syrups, Toppings and Sauces:

In case you are a lover of syrups like the hazelnut flavoured coffee syrup, Irish Bailey's coffee or anything else, we have them all. They have been imported or manufactured in the right form and the authentic flavour has been retained.

We also serve to different occasions and to companies for vending machines. Our coffee can be seen almost everywhere. Our coffee is used by many vending machines and caterers for occasions too.

Coffee and chocolate too go together great, and thus we have added chocolatey coffee drinks that will convert caffeine haters to lovers! It contains chocolate flavour majorly, but the hint of strong coffee, mesmerises the taste buds, tingling for more. We do have them as packed chocolate flavoured coffee sachets.